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Fluvanna deserves better.
Let's get rules on solar energy right.

As Fluvanna leaders consider how to regulate solar projects in the county, it is important that leaders strike the right balance between personal property rights and the need for clean energy when crafting rules to govern solar proposals.  Fluvanna residents and landowners deserve thoughtful, workable rules to allow low-impact, hidden, and safe projects to be considered by local leaders. The draft policy to ban solar energy in rural Fluvanna would set the county back and would deny the investment, jobs, and tax revenue that clean energy brings to communities.  To offset some of the highest real estate taxes in the state, clean energy is a no-brainer for Fluvanna. 

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Installing Solar Panels
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Fluvanna County Priorities

- Creation of a solar ordinance that attracts high-quality project proposals

- Require setbacks and vegetative buffers to shield panels from view from roadways and residences

- Projects should pay local taxes to help fund county services and/or lower local tax burdens

- Solar projects should utilize local goods and services wherever possible

- Each project should demonstrate plan to benefit soil health and to decommission project after its useful life. 

- Community outreach must be required of projects to more fully engage the host communities

About Energy Right

Energy Right is a Virginia based non-profit organization that educates and informs rural Virginia on the new developments in clean energy. As conservatives, we think property rights and personal freedom must be considered in any instance a landowner wishes to lease her land for solar.  Our energy security and energy independence require an all-of-the-above approach to energy, which includes renewables like solar. Solar projects MUST be good neighbors, and we support policies that reach this goal. Please explore our website to learn more about us, our mission, and to explore resources resources tailored to rural Virginia.

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