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This is Clean Energy

Solar energy development in rural communities is new and tends to raise many questions: Is solar safe for our environment? Where do the panels come from? Will a solar project affect my home's value? What happens to the land at the end of a project's life? 

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Time and time again, Solar has proven to be a safe use of land when it's developed properly. Its compatibility in rural landscapes expands to safety for wildlife and weather events. 

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Solar energy generated here in Virginia will provide stable and secure energy source in supply and cost, lessening our demand for other sources of energy.

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Your right to use your property how you please is a fundamental right as an American. Property rights should be preserved so long as one is not hurting a neighbor.


Solar projects should prioritize local business to lift  local economies. Like any power plant, solar projects pay county taxes, and these tax dollars should be invested wisely to help the community in the long term. 

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