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Dollar Bills

Local Economic Development

Tax Dollars to Support Local Governments

Local communities have the chance to bring more economic development opportunities by taking control of their energy future. Solar projects can generate millions of dollars in revenue that leaders can spend to benefit every person of the community. Even better, additional tax revenue from solar projects place relatively little strain on public services like other types of development demand. We believe leaders should utilize these revenues by lowering taxes on citizens or by investing in schools, our first responders, infrastructure, and roadways.

Filling Out Tax Form

Investments to Grow Local Businesses

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Like oil and gas has driven the economy in states blessed with petroleum reserves for years, Virginia can see an economic boom as we power our communities with something we have plenty of: sunshine. Economic growth powered by solar development happens in two main ways: on and offsite investments during construction and operation and business demand to consume clean energy



Solar project construction creates jobs for electricians, general contractors, excavators, landscapers, and panel installers to name a few trades that are directly involved. Stores, gas stations, restaurants, and suppliers tend to see higher revenue when hundreds of workers are in the area to construct a facility. Energy Right fully supports the efforts of the South Central Virginia Business Alliance, which advocates for local Virginia business being prioritized for contracts for Virginia solar projects. 


Tech companies, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 businesses are committing to their shareholders to consume 100% renewable energy. When deciding where to build data centers, factories, and new offices, businesses are looking to colocate in counties with robust clean energy portfolios. Attracting these investments alongside clean energy should be a priority for Virginia. 

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