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Energy Right celebrates Governor Youngkin's conservative leadership on clean energy

Richmond, October 5, 2022 – Energy Right attended Governor Glenn Youngkin’s release of his administration’s Energy Plan on Monday. A policy document to set the tone for the next four years of energy development, generation, and investment, Energy Right provided the administration with constructive, conservative recommendations on how to pursue the growing demand for clean energy with the Governor’s goals of affordability, reliability, and environmental stewardship.

“In fact, the only way to confidently move towards a reliable, affordable and clean energy future in Virginia is to go all-in on innovation in nuclear, carbon capture, and new technology like hydrogen generation, along with building on our leadership in offshore wind and solar.”

- Governor Glenn Youngkin

The Governor’s Energy Plan takes a balanced approach, reiterating his commitment to an all-of-the-above energy strategy with renewable energy resources getting a fair shake. It is clear that the Governor is not picking favorites–rather, the Governor is allowing free market competition to deliver the most clean, affordable, and reliable forms of energy generation.

After attending the Energy Plan release in Lynchburg, Energy Right co-founder and COO, Blake Cox, said, “Governor Youngkin’s market driven approach is vital to Virginia moving towards a reliable and affordable clean energy future. An emphasis on rejecting the either/or approach to energy is going to make Virginia a leader in the next chapter of energy generation.”

Energy Right agrees that the Commonwealth must not place all of our eggs in one basket. Let’s diversify our energy generation profile with low-cost options like utility scale solar and offshore wind as blossoming technologies like hydrogen and small scale nuclear are improved. Let’s invest in Virginia-made energy to curb our dependence on energy generated in neighboring states, and build up our growing energy industry to compete on the national and world stage.

Skyler Zunk, CEO and co-founder of Energy Right remarked, “Our Governor laid out the game plan for Virginia’s energy. It is refreshing to see a conservative lead with a clear, resolute clean energy vision with a plan to get Virginia there. As billions of dollars flow into Virginia to build clean energy projects like solar, we agree that solar technologies deserve a seat at the table as they become a substantial part of our energy portfolio.”

From the 2022 Energy Plan: “Solar also offers an opportunity for Virginia to become a leader. On a levelized basis, solar energy is among the cheapest forms of energy available. The solar supply chain is increasingly being onshored into the U.S., and Virginia’s existing renewable energy industry in conjunction with our port, highway and rail infrastructure can be a landing ground for the new domestic solar manufacturing industry. Virginia is also home to several solar industry companies who are leading research and development activities to fully integrate solar into Virginia’s energy mix.”

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